As an independent thinker, you may feel like you’re part of a silent minority. And, statistically, Discerners are. People who place logic above emotion, reflection before action, and seek principals above facts, may at times feel like they’re living on an island compared to the general population. But, as John Donne noted, “No man (yes, or woman) is an island.” And how you interact with friends, family and co-workers who may not immediately accept your ideas may well determine just how happy you are in life.

Now you don’t have to take an assault on reason as a personal attack. The New Temperament will show you the kind of Discerner temperament you have. You’ll learn to see beyond the triggers and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals. In gaining an understanding of how other temperaments function and interact, you’ll learn how not to take things so personally — and how to use this knowledge to deal with life’s challenges in more strategic and productive ways.